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Something doesn't seem right...

Edgar Stevenson is missing. No one knows if he is dead or alive. His brother, determined to claim his total estate as an inheritance, wants him declared dead. Edgar’s daughter is certain something isn’t right with her uncle, but she’s afraid of him and doesn’t know what to do. Can you help her? Is Edgar still alive? Can you find the true will?

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You're running out of time!

A virus is spreading rapidly beyond what the CDC can contain. A lab technician was close to having the antidote, but has contracted the virus and has become incoherent. You are the best of the best and it's up to you to save humanity. Can you find the cure in time?

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People Are Loving Our Rooms!

“EnKryption has a wonderful spin on escape rooms. It was a blast. Very good aesthetics. I am very excited to come back.”

~ W.Cutter

“Really solid puzzles. Really concise. Clean atmosphere and good attention to detail.”

~ Jayce Dulany

“EnKryption has really sold me on their unique take to escape rooms. This one was a mystery to solve, a great angle to the whole genre. Highly recommend to families and friends of all ages.”

~ Daniel Thacker

“I came, I thought, I conquered! Very satisfying win!”

~ Anonymous

“It was a lot of fun!”

~ Anonymous

“It was challenging and exciting! Afterwards, I felt awesome, like I was a fantastic mystery solver! Super fun experience. I gave it a 10!”

~ G. Toronto

“It was fun.”

~ Lynnette Savage


Challenging | Fun | Unparalleled

We are giving you the challenge of a lifetime! With quality adventures and effects like never before.



Looking for an exciting experience in the Utah County and Salt Lake area? Perhaps something out of the ordinary? Have you ever tried an escape room? Look no further than EnKryption in Provo/Orem.

EnKryption is a cutting edge exciting twist on escape rooms, a truly creative entertainment concept. It is a real-life hands-on adventure, designed for groups of 2-8 people per room.

Your goal is simple. Working together as a team, you follow clues and solve thrilling and creative puzzles in order to conquer and ‘be the hero.’ While the goal is simple, the game is challenging. It is guaranteed to put your wits to the test as your group works together to solve the adventure. The rooms are set up with customized difficulty levels, so anyone can succeed who is willing to try!

EnKryption is designed for EVERYONE - whether you are a beginner or have attended an escape room before.

Escape Rooms are ideal for parties, team building events, dates, or a night out with friends and family. Book today and see if you can keep cool under pressure and come out victorious within 60 minutes.

Still wondering if an escape room adventure is the right venue for your next birthday party or corporate event? Please call anytime for a free tour of the facilities and a sneak peek at our adventure rooms!

Customized Difficulty

Want to start small? We have mysteries and puzzles with different levels of difficulty, so you can work your way up!

Exceptional Actors

 We hire quality actors for a like-real experience!

Unique Roles

Take on a role that you never have before. Be the hero you have dreamed of becoming to solve the mystery.

Two New Adventures!

Come try our new adventures: Inheritance and Breakout.

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Meet the Masterminds Behind the Mystery

Over 13 years of creative experience.

The adventure doesn't end when you solve the mystery. We create puzzles and adventures that you can re-experience in higher levels of difficulty. Come back and prove that you can make it to the top!

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